Heating Tune-Up:
(A Complete 18 Point Tune Up) 

With such an extensive, step-by-step procedure, it may seem a little difficult for a homeowner to understand what a tune-up involves. Because it is highly important in making sure your furnace continues to work at its best, below are 18 important points of inspection our heating contractors guarantee to take:

Regan air heating unit

Heating Tune-up

• Check and calibrate thermostat operation.
• Check condition of electrical wiring.
• Check operation of gas pressure and controls.
• Check for proper flue gas venting.
• Check for operation of blower controls.
• Check and clean or replace air filters.
• Lubricate blower motor and check condition of induced motor and sensor.
• Check for accessible gas shut-off valve.
• Check for flexible gas connector operation.
• Test for carbon monoxide at furnace.
• Check operation of limit controls.
• Inspect burners and nox rods.
• Adjust air mixture on burners for clean combustion.
• Check seal at base of furnace.
• Check for air leakage at plenum.
• Inspect ductwork for air leaks, poor insulation, and dirt around insulation.
• Clean and seal outer surface of furnace.
• Clean flame sensor, and vacuum space around furnace.

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